These notes give additional details about the features included in our Web site packages.

Images ~ Graphics ~ Text ~ Domain Names ~ Web Hosting
Search Engines ~ Maintenance ~ Payment


Images (apart from those whose creation is included in the package price) must be supplied in digital format.  Scanning of images in excess of the maximum number specified in the chosen package will cost $10.00 per image.  Prices quoted include manipulation and formatting of the allotted images for the Web, but do not include extensive touchups and cleanups of images.  Extremely image heavy sites or sites where extensive manipulation of images is required may incur additional charges.  Discounts are available for volume scanning services.

Custom Graphics and Features

Creation of custom graphics, such as animations, icons and logos, and custom features, such as scripts and forms, may incur extra fees at the prevailing hourly rate.


Text must be supplied in digital format.  Input of text supplied will cost $15.00 per 8 1/2” x 11” page (approximately 300 words), if not supplied on disc.  Web pages of more than 1,200 words of text will be subject to additional fees for increased formatting time.  Text as supplied will be edited if required to make it suitable for the Web; all editing will be submitted to the site owner for approval before publication.

Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting

Each package includes one new domain name registered in the Client’s name for one year.  Third-party hosting fees and additional domain name registration years are not included in our package prices.  Domain names must continually be renewed.  This will be the responsibility of Client, unless otherwise stated in a Maintenance Agreement.

Search Engine Submission

All packages include a one-time submission of one page of the Web site to the major search engines - AllTheWeb, AltaVista, AOL Search, Google, HotBot, Lycos and the Open Directory Project (dmoz) (search engine sites subject to change).  Inclusion takes 4-6 weeks and is not guaranteed.  Please note that only one page is generally necessary for submission as the search engine crawlers should be able to find the rest.  Submission to additional search engines, including pay-per-click, such as Overture, LookSmart, and Yahoo!, or submission of additional pages, can be provided for an additional charge.  Ongoing submissions are available with a Maintenance Agreement.

Maintenance, Updates and Support

We offer two types of maintenance agreements.  In one, you pay a fixed monthly rate for such things as changing price to an item, adding additional inventory, making moderate graphic changes, and coordinating delivery of the Web site with the Host Provider.  In the other agreement, you pay on an as needed hourly basis.

With all packages, minor page modifications will be carried out free of charge for one month after completion.  Without a Maintenance Agreement, substantial page modifications, such as redesign of existing pages or creation of additional pages will be charged at the rate of creation for additional HTML documents as per the chosen package.  Minor vs. substantial page modifications will be made at our discretion).

Payment Terms

30% non-refundable deposit due at signing of contract.
30% due upon approval of site prior to uploading.
Balance due upon uploading to your Web Hosting Provider’s server.



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